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Chu-Lip Pot by ekoD Works / Takayuki Fukusawa

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coral sculpture filled with moss, stones, air plants and tropical greens.

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I really like this little teabowl, but finally put it up for sale. Boo. 



Feels like I haven’t thrown in a while. Here are some new #mugs #stoneware #ceramics #pottery #Minneapolis #minnesota

Cool shapes. 

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This cup was a glaze experiment that came out looking super commercial o_o Everyone in the studio was like “OMG HOW DID THIS GLAZE DO THIS FHUGHGHHGAHGH”

I think it’s going to become a favorite combo.

It’s available for purchase in my store ^^

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So I taught a beginning wheelthrowing class for the students at Missouri State’s Physical Therapy Department (my grad program) and it was so fun! Once I put hand placement and movements in anatomical and kinesiological terms, they picked it right up and were really good! I can’t wait to get all their stuff out of the kiln and take it to them this week! Look how cute they all are! (PS - I’m the nerd in the tie dye head wrap). 

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The other gallery I have stuff in right now: 

Top piece: Tea Tropic - Stoneware 

Bottom piece: Sprout - Stoneware 

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My pieces at the 13th Anniversary Art Contest & Exhibition at OTC Fine Arts Gallery

Top piece: Striation - carved cone 6 stoneware

Bottom piece: Check Mate - carved cone 10 stoneware


Large vase…because I could I guess. Cause they sure as heck don’t sell. Yah.